For Sale Elden MK10C FF AM 73-79

1973 Elden MK10C Racing At High Plains Raceway 8/1/2021

1973 Elden MK10 C Formula Ford, Chassis # AM 73-79        $22k OBO

Complete log books since new.  

Complete restoration 2019, include:

1) new lightweight body from Marchant Cox 2018, $1500

2) Total Precision Engine built in 2016, head rebuilt 2019.  All receipts and Dyno sheets available

3) New Ron Davis aluminum side radiators

4) Harmon Fuel cell built 2017, unused until 2019

5) Spax single adjustable shocks

6) New billet steel Imp rear stub axles from PA Motorsports 2021. This was a $800 upgrade

7) Frame was checked and Aluminum floor added.  

8) Many new rod ends, 

9) New gauges.  

10) Belts expire 2022

Complete setup sheets, 2 year old Hoosier VFF tires, Performance Friction Brakes, 

Spares are MK10C nose and old nose buck, used rear engine cover and carb snorkel, original brass radiators, one spare set of Weller wheels, 2 set of gears; short track and long track.  

Car was raced this past Aug 1 at High Plains Raceway and is ready to go again.

Reason for selling?  I have 3 more Eldens and need to reduce the collection.  I have done allot of research on Elden’s in the US and have developed contacts in the UK and US to support the restoration.  A registry of Elden’s in the US is on my web site:

Willing to help with transport for expenses up to 1000 miles.  

Ask all you questions. If there is a specific photo you require, advise.

Thanks for looking.

Indianapolis Baby!

June of this year year we entered the Falconer bodied Elden FF, AM74-5, in the SVRA Open Wheel World Challenge at the famed Indianapolis 500 Road Course.  I heard there were 350 open wheel cars entered and by looking at the drivers meeting in the media center I would believe it.  There were FV’s to F1 cars.  Pro series and amateur entrants.  I met a few folks driving F Jr’s from Australia and New Zealand.  Cool!

Here is a picture of me in “027” on the grid in Gasoline Alley.


We came well prepared and had minimal problems with the car.  But when we left NM we knew that the under-steer in the car was still to be worked out.  We are running 300 lb/in springs front and rear.  We have been advised to go to 275 Fronts and 250 or softer in the rear. Upon getting home we will order those springs and see if it helps.  Note for History, Elden #4 AM73-74 springs were 225# front and 180# rears.  They appear to be original.  So during the races I fought some under-steer in the high speed corners.  So I took my time to ensure not to interfere with anyone of the faster guys.

Also I guessed at the gears and 4th was okay but 1-3 were to low and was unable to use effectively, so left allot of time on the table.  I was so consumed on trying to drive, I decided not to chase gears.  But I have a better idea from other competitors what should be in the Hewland for next time.

So here is a video of the last race.

Next race is High Plains Raceway end of July.





Update May 2017

Well it has been a bit of time since I have updated this blog.  Since Oct last years we did our normal traveling in the fall and then spent most of the winter working on Elden AM74-5 and 73-39 and Am73-79

Elden 74-5 was found to have mismatched front uprights.  One was 1/2 ” taller offsetting the hub center line.  Borrowed 2 different ones from our last acquisition and began a search for new replacements.  Was introduced to 2 potential suppliers in the UK. One private individual and another a race shop:

I also spoke to Pat Prince at Pat Prince  Engineering and he has the jigs for the suspension parts.  So soon I will be sending the stuff I need to Pat for repair or fabrication.

We are now running the new Hoosier VFF treaded tires a bit difference that the slicks I have run for years.  But we are nearing an optimum setup.

Elden #2 was nearing completion for this racing season.  Note I am doing preservation not restorations so I don’t strip down the car. When I picked up the car there was an invoice to “straighten the frame”.  Well it is still “bent”.  I couldn’t align the car, ran strings down the chassis found the rear sub frame tweaked 1/2″ at least.  So work has stopped.

Elden #3 AM-73-79 is getting a new body.  The old body had been cutup and missing some parts so I ordered a new body from:

New body

Hoping that body is here in June.  So the plan right now is to strip the bent chassis down for repair and to move forward on Elden AM 73-79.

Racing highlights:  We ran ran Elden 74-5 the MK10C rebodied Falconer and the video link is:

Well we will catch up again after the SVRA Open Wheel World Challenge at Indianapolis,  in June.


Body Panels for Elden MK10B AM73-79

Elden MK10 B AM73-79 as raced by Jay Davis.  I wish to re body this car with the parts I already have.  Thanks to Jay for this and other pictures of the car during the time he had it.

As Raced Jay davis.jpg

On this car I got from Tim H. in Tulsa,  there were some panels that were saved from the days of Jay Davis.  Note the two holes at the back of the side body panels for radiator plumbing, as this is the remnants of conversion of this car from a MK10B to MK10C , You can see the front radiator hose openings have been glassed over from when the car was a MK10B configuration.

This picture shows the top cockpit using an Elden cockpit body panel with a nose grafted on.  Along side are the side body panels after much modification.

Elden #3 body parts.JPG

Since I want to take this car back to a Elden MK10B with the radiators behind the front wheels as is AM73-74, this next picture shows what I have to work with from my inventory:

Potential MK 10 C body panels

So it looks like I need side body panels and a nose.  I am thinking of trying to pull a mold off the last Elden MK10B AM73-74 side body panels I just got from Greg N.  He also had the wood “buck” to make a nose mold and may try to use it to make a female mold, but will have to see my fiberglass skills on the side panels.

Back from the RMVR Vintage Race Weekend

June 1-2, 2013 we participated in the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (RMVR) race at Pueblo Motorsports Park at Pueblo, Colorado. Had some 20+ FF’s. Haven’t raced on this track in at least 2 years. The new surface was great.

Took the Elden MK10 with the Falconer body. Second race weekend. Car ran well but still unhappy with the rear brakes. Can’t seem to get them to do their fair share. Engine ran good pulled 6100 rpm on the 1/2 mile straight at 5500 ft elevation. I didn’t have any parts failures so all in all it was a good weekend.RMVR Pueblo Motorsports ParkPictures shot By Rupert Berrington Action Photography

Time to Race the Elden MK10

We took the MK10 Falconer out to the last vintage race in Albuquerque, NM on April 27th. Won the class, well I was the only finisher, but I scored a WIN!  Anyway the engine was running very lean, and the brakes were there but not awe inspiring.  So I kept the laps down and came home to work on the car.

Replaced all the master cylinders with new.  I had rebuilt the old ones and I swear I have not had that bad of luck before.  Rebuilt the carb and rejetted.  Moved the shoulder belts mounting point so as to fit the HANs device properly. Built a new dash as the original dash has the gauges down and behind the steering wheel and I wasn’t comfortable with that.  So made a paper etmplate and then a new Al panel with the gauges higher up above my hands.  The Falconer body allows this configuration but the MK8 will not so I guess I had better get used to the original configuration.

Car is down and loaded into the trailer.  Racing in Pueblo, Colorado with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing:,, this weekend  Looking forward to seeing other Elden’s and more Formula Fords.  Can’t wait.Image

Update on MK10 and MK8

All engine parts are at the machine shop (Santa Fe Auto Machine) her in Santa Fe, NM I have the MK10 and the MK8 engine in the shop so allot of parts to order and manage.

When the shop gets done we will complete the order for bearings and rings, etc. Shopping around between BAT and Pegasus finds a large variance in costs. I keep a spreadsheet of all current prices for “ALL” parts I have used. If you want a copy of the list send me an e-mail.

Trying a new firm for RaceTech guages. Ben at Transatlantic Raceparts, Ltd internet site is: They were recommended by RACETECH in England as a source of the gauges for the MK 8. Using a dual oil pressure/oil temp gauge and a electrical water temp gauge. Give them a try.

So back to cleaning parts and working on the MK 8 brakes.


Progress on the Elden MK10 Fuel Cell Installation

Worked today on installing the Harmon Racing Cell. Plumbed the fuel with #6 Aeroquip hose and fittings. Plumbed the cell vent(roll over valve) also with #6 hose and fitting exiting the rear of the engine compartment opposite the exhaust header.
Next comes the Aluminum panels to encase the fuel cell. We will use the bulkhead as the back panel and will bend a new front panel(seat back) and side panels from one piece of Al metal. First built a cardboard pattern to get an idea of what is needed. Since cardboard is so thick and not very flexible for the bends built a second model out of poster board from the hobby store. The picture shows these 2 models against the cell. Next will be to transfer the poster board model dimensions to the Al sheet

Note the high degree of precision. hahahaha So off to the shop to find a suitable piece of Al sheet.