Update May 2017

Well it has been a bit of time since I have updated this blog.  Since Oct last years we did our normal traveling in the fall and then spent most of the winter working on Elden AM74-5 and 73-39 and Am73-79

Elden 74-5 was found to have mismatched front uprights.  One was 1/2 ” taller offsetting the hub center line.  Borrowed 2 different ones from our last acquisition and began a search for new replacements.  Was introduced to 2 potential suppliers in the UK. One private individual and another a race shop:


I also spoke to Pat Prince at Pat Prince  Engineering and he has the jigs for the suspension parts.  So soon I will be sending the stuff I need to Pat for repair or fabrication.

We are now running the new Hoosier VFF treaded tires a bit difference that the slicks I have run for years.  But we are nearing an optimum setup.

Elden #2 was nearing completion for this racing season.  Note I am doing preservation not restorations so I don’t strip down the car. When I picked up the car there was an invoice to “straighten the frame”.  Well it is still “bent”.  I couldn’t align the car, ran strings down the chassis found the rear sub frame tweaked 1/2″ at least.  So work has stopped.

Elden #3 AM-73-79 is getting a new body.  The old body had been cutup and missing some parts so I ordered a new body from:


New body

Hoping that body is here in June.  So the plan right now is to strip the bent chassis down for repair and to move forward on Elden AM 73-79.

Racing highlights:  We ran ran Elden 74-5 the MK10C rebodied Falconer and the video link is:

Well we will catch up again after the SVRA Open Wheel World Challenge at Indianapolis,  in June.


2 thoughts on “Update May 2017

  1. Gosh, that would be scary to me to be racing out with modified sports cars and sedans in a formula car!!! Looks like you’re talking about my old car getting the new body (I get confused with the numbers, isn’t AM73-79 it?). Sure hope you send me an email about when it will actually see the track again.

  2. Fortunately this is a local race group and we race regularly together. Wouldnt want to do that with a different group. I

    Your old car is AM73-79 and currently has a new engine installed. As the chassis is completed we will install a new body just acquired from Marchant and Cox in the UK. It will be Red! If the plans work hope to test late this year and track next year.

    The current Falconer bodied car just finished a long weekend at the Open Wheel World Championship hosted by SVRA, at the famed Brickyard at Indy. Car suspension still too stiff but we had a great time and learned allot. Car home in one piece, always a good weekend. Thinking about COTA with SVRA in Nov.

    Will add pictures as we complete your old car.

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