Historical Elden FF Documents

When I got the first two Elden FF’s from South Carolina, the following documents were part of the files that came with the car.  They maybe of interest to others as it was to me.

First are two ads published in the SCCA “SportsCar” magazine, of July 1989.  On the top was an ad for Elden Racing Cars for their new PH 27 Formula Ford.  Also in the same edition of “SportsCar”was an ad for the Elden Register, USA;  a publication put together by Paul Pfanner and Steve Nickless. Combined elden Ads

Secondly, is Issue 1 March 1989 of  “the elden register, u.s.a” published by Paul Pfanner and Steve Nickless for “American Elden Owners and others interested in the marque.”

Elden Register USA letter to owner

Elden Register Issue 1 March 1989

  • On page 2, is a list as of 6-19-88 Elden owners names and Chassis types.  At this time there were 19 names in the “the elden register, u.s.a.”
  • On page 4 is a letter to Steve Nickless from Brian Hampsheir on February 15, 1977 and another to Paul Pfanner from Peter Hampsheir, May 24, 1988
  • Included on page 9 is an article “from hard times to success” where “Mark Kettlewell traces the Elden story”, reprinted from “Autosport, March 1, 1973 edition, Courtesy Haymarket Publishing”

Inside this issue of the “elden register, u.s.a.” was an reprint of a “Sales Brochure from the EldenPH-8, Published by Tom Pumpelly’s NTW Racers Store in 1972”.  This contains allot of information on the original specifications of the PH-8 as it was imported to the USA.

Elden 1972 FF PH-8 ad

Also included in “elden register, u.s.a” Issue 1 was an advertisement for the new Elden PRH27 F.F.1600;

Elden PRH27 ad

This is very good reading and is located here ensure Elden history is maintained.  If someone has other docs we want to maintain, please send them to me and I will add them.

Update 1965 Corvair Corsa Turbo Preservation

Steve C. at Santa Fe Classic Cars has been working very diligently on the car.

1) Rebuilt rear suspension

2) Rebuilt gas tank and hoses

3) rebuilt brakes, masters and hard lines

4) found tachometer DOA.  Had Mo-Ma Manufacturing in Albuquerque, NM rebuild using new VDO internals.

5) Tarmo S of Santa Fe had used thermistor for left head temp sensor.

6) Rebuilt YH carb, found flange badly “bowed” so flattened with fly cutter on the milling machine.

7) fixed windshield wiper motor, windshield washer DOA.

8) misc repairs to clutch, throttle linkage etc.

With rebuilt carb in and running looking forward to putting the car on the street soon.

Steve has the car running and driving for the first time in 20 some years. Good job Steve.

See the Build Sheet Steve C found above the fuel tank.  Amazing a piece of paper survived that environment for 50 years. Confirms much of what we know of the car.  Will finish the decode soon.

corvair 1 Corvair Build Sheet

Corvair Update

Steve over at Santa Fe Classic Cars was able to repair many minor electrical issues and replace all the rubber hoses.  Then with a new battery and fuel, it “runs”.  Spit and sputter but running!  Needs plug wires, plugs and a pertonics unit.

Tarmo S came by to lend a helping hand.  Tarmo has 2 Corvairs, 1965 140hp Corsa and a 1966 Corsa Covertible 180 hp Turbo. Beautiful cars  and a big help on authenticating my car.

So so next is to rebuild the rear suspension bushings and complete the hydraulic repairs of the brakes.

This Isn’t an Elden WTH?

A local friend and I are building a 1988 Honda CRX for Chump Car or Lemons Racing. What a pain working on production car. 🙂

Anyway new engine, old one was “blowed up”, and all the safety stuff going in. Just another way to keep from working on the Elden”s or H-Mods. 🙂

Upgrades to the shop include a 1950’s Logan Lathe and a Rong Fu RF31Mill/Drill.  Not a Bridgeport Mill but better than the drill press and a grinder.  Already making parts.

So back to the toysIMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0425

Back in the Saddle Again

Sorry for all the delays.  With the new house came a new shop. I committed to get the shop the way I wanted before I moved any cars into.  Epoxy floor, tape/texture and paint, new work benches lined with galv steel plate.

Today I put the 87 Van Diemen into the shop to start prep for the Aug 18-19 Vintage race with SWMS at the Albuquerque track “NAPA Speedway”.  Tomorrow the Elden MK 10 will move over from the old shop and I look forward to getting back to work on it.  I will post better pictures of the shop in a few days.Image

Classical Gas Museum in Embudo NM

I took a trip to Taos NM to PU a pit scooter. Found a 1985 Honda ACT200S, a vintage 3 wheeler to go with my vintage race cars.

On the way home I stopped by Johnnie Meier’s Classical Gas Museum in Embudo NM.  Embudo is on HWY 68 from Espanola to Taos.  Located on the quiet banks of the Rio Grande River Johnny has a unique collection of vintage gas pumps, service station signs, oil cans, soda signs, Neon items and Thermometers. Also many antique car and farm items also dot the property.

Johnnie and I sat down in the lawn chairs overlooking the river and reminisced on our years where we worked together in Los Alamos, NM.  Had a great time and we agreed to keep in touch more often than once every 15 years.  If you are in the area stop by and talk to Johnnie it id definitely an experience you won’t forget soon.