Pictures of Crosley Hotshot/Fibersport

These are pictures of the H-Mod I purchased from Mike S in IA. (  It appears to be one of the Mays family Fibersports “factory” cars. Sandi F. (John Mays daughter)agreed based on the fact of the 1 1/2″ holes drilled throughout the Hotshot frame.


“Sure does look like Fibersports – and I  would think I have more than one of the photos that are similar or the same.  But the clincher is the chassis that has holes in it.  There is a family joke where someone (?) left a small child’s colander with a card attached that read:   John Mays – First Place for hole drilling above and beyond the call of duty!  

Appears to have had the nose and boot bobbed, maybe due to damage? But if if you put side to side with the SIAM, the middle section is identical.

Work on this car is behind the SIAM. I am looking for additional pictures, race history or? Also looking for a Fibersport flatsided mold to put this car back the way I believe it belonged.



Adding to the H-Mod family: Fibersport-Crosley

Fibersport Crosley EngineWith the help of Mike S from Iowa, I have acquired the 1956/57 Fibersport-Crosley. Mike bought the car off e-bay last year. He contacted me about selling the car and I said yes.
The car sure has the lines of the flat sided Fibersport but was bobbed on the front and rear at some point. Also there is a crease in the sides from the wheel opening to the bottom of the chassis near the doors. This looks like it may be from some de-lamination of the fiberglass layers. Compared to the Siam Fibersport body this one has a fiberglass floor, front and rear bulkheads; bolted to the Crosley frame.

The chassis appears to be Crosley Hot Shot with many holes drilled into the frame to lighten the frame. Engine is Crosley, transmission 3 speed Crosley and rear axle is Crosley. Front tire rims are 12″ Crosley and the rear tires are 14″, need to figure out what wheels are. The 14″ tires are needed to offset the high rear gear ratio of the Crosley diff.

I am going to do some digging in the “web” of the frame on the passenger side to see if I can find a Crosley VIN. That will help determine if he chassis is Crosley or custom.Fibersport Crosley Front shotFibersport Crosley Front