Adding to the H-Mod family: Fibersport-Crosley

Fibersport Crosley EngineWith the help of Mike S from Iowa, I have acquired the 1956/57 Fibersport-Crosley. Mike bought the car off e-bay last year. He contacted me about selling the car and I said yes.
The car sure has the lines of the flat sided Fibersport but was bobbed on the front and rear at some point. Also there is a crease in the sides from the wheel opening to the bottom of the chassis near the doors. This looks like it may be from some de-lamination of the fiberglass layers. Compared to the Siam Fibersport body this one has a fiberglass floor, front and rear bulkheads; bolted to the Crosley frame.

The chassis appears to be Crosley Hot Shot with many holes drilled into the frame to lighten the frame. Engine is Crosley, transmission 3 speed Crosley and rear axle is Crosley. Front tire rims are 12″ Crosley and the rear tires are 14″, need to figure out what wheels are. The 14″ tires are needed to offset the high rear gear ratio of the Crosley diff.

I am going to do some digging in the “web” of the frame on the passenger side to see if I can find a Crosley VIN. That will help determine if he chassis is Crosley or custom.Fibersport Crosley Front shotFibersport Crosley Front

6 thoughts on “Adding to the H-Mod family: Fibersport-Crosley

  1. I own an origional Fibersport—raced on the west coast—purchased and last run on the east coast—If I can be of any help just ask. Chuck-k

    • Good Morning Chuck-k. I believe we have spoken on the SIAM and I have one of your carburetors. I saw some pictures of your Fibersport and it is very nice. Are you planning on racing-parading your car. I am not sure I will ever race these but hope to put them on the track for a few laps. See how it goes. Would love to include a few pictures of your Fibersport in my blog to keep a group presence of this interesting marque.

      Larry Haynes

  2. ~ Hi Larry. Can you tell me if this is the car that was owned for a time by Mike Svaboda near Ankeny, Iowa? The reason for asking is that a facebook friend is trying to locate the car and its current owner. I would appreciate your help.
    Scot Carr.

      • ~ Fantastic, Larry. I forwarded some information to the guys heading up the research. I expect both Geoff Hacker of Forgotten Fiberglass and Darren Swanson, who lives nearby the original production site in Bloomington/Normal. When you guys get connected you’ll all be able to help each other.

        Thanks for your prompt reply. Scot

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