Period Pictures of the Newest Elden

Thanks to Jay Davis, the second owner of the Elden MK10C I am posting some of his pictures he was gracious enough to share.  I was most interested in radiator location and attachment points for the same.

One of the question Jay answered for me was if the car came with an original Piper engine.  In the pictures there is a Piper cast aluminum oil sump, Piper oil pump, Piper velocity stack and Piper valve cover.  I have all but the Piper valve cover which Jay says he still has.  Also Jay says that the original block had some weird gob of weld/epoxy covering block damage.  The block I have from the car has two areasImageImage that have repairs from internal shrapnel. Also the cast oil sump shows the same.  So I believe I have the original engine in the car and plan on using it. 

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