Adding to the Collection, Elden 1974 MK10C

Just returned from Oklahoma City where I picked up a 1974 Elden MK10C that a restoration was started.  Thanks to Tim H. he had a nice start to the restoration of chassis # AM 73-79.

Elden Mk10 - 001-Small A quick review of the SCCA Log Book show’s Gary Hackbarth was the original owner and raced the car in CenDiv bringing a 1974 Regional Class Championship (notebook entry not verified by SCCA) [23 races in 2 years].

Additional owners: Mike Piccone, Jay Davis, Ron Eilken, Dana Moudy and Joel Evans, Brian Goellnicnt, Steve Carbone, Steve Barton and Tim Henson.

One of the mysteries I am trying discern is the original location of the radiators on this car.  (Current location was done by the last owner for his application)  Pictures of the car in 1985 found in the second SCCA Log Book:  SCCA #2 pictures p2-3   don’t show the radiators, but leaves you to assume back by the seat area.   In a solo picture shows a wedge nose and appears to have the radiators on the sides but where?  1985 car at Solo event with rad shrouds visible  But then I have pictures showing the near the middle of the car but with a more pointy nose:   Car #7 Front View rad at rearAny help here would be great.

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