Time to Race the Elden MK10

We took the MK10 Falconer out to the last vintage race in Albuquerque, NM on April 27th. Won the class, well I was the only finisher, but I scored a WIN!  Anyway the engine was running very lean, and the brakes were there but not awe inspiring.  So I kept the laps down and came home to work on the car.

Replaced all the master cylinders with new.  I had rebuilt the old ones and I swear I have not had that bad of luck before.  Rebuilt the carb and rejetted.  Moved the shoulder belts mounting point so as to fit the HANs device properly. Built a new dash as the original dash has the gauges down and behind the steering wheel and I wasn’t comfortable with that.  So made a paper etmplate and then a new Al panel with the gauges higher up above my hands.  The Falconer body allows this configuration but the MK8 will not so I guess I had better get used to the original configuration.

Car is down and loaded into the trailer.  Racing in Pueblo, Colorado with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing:  http://www.rmvr.org, http://www.pueblomotorsportspark.us, this weekend  Looking forward to seeing other Elden’s and more Formula Fords.  Can’t wait.Image

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