Back from the RMVR Vintage Race Weekend

June 1-2, 2013 we participated in the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (RMVR) race at Pueblo Motorsports Park at Pueblo, Colorado. Had some 20+ FF’s. Haven’t raced on this track in at least 2 years. The new surface was great.

Took the Elden MK10 with the Falconer body. Second race weekend. Car ran well but still unhappy with the rear brakes. Can’t seem to get them to do their fair share. Engine ran good pulled 6100 rpm on the 1/2 mile straight at 5500 ft elevation. I didn’t have any parts failures so all in all it was a good weekend.RMVR Pueblo Motorsports ParkPictures shot By Rupert Berrington Action Photography

Time to Race the Elden MK10

We took the MK10 Falconer out to the last vintage race in Albuquerque, NM on April 27th. Won the class, well I was the only finisher, but I scored a WIN!  Anyway the engine was running very lean, and the brakes were there but not awe inspiring.  So I kept the laps down and came home to work on the car.

Replaced all the master cylinders with new.  I had rebuilt the old ones and I swear I have not had that bad of luck before.  Rebuilt the carb and rejetted.  Moved the shoulder belts mounting point so as to fit the HANs device properly. Built a new dash as the original dash has the gauges down and behind the steering wheel and I wasn’t comfortable with that.  So made a paper etmplate and then a new Al panel with the gauges higher up above my hands.  The Falconer body allows this configuration but the MK8 will not so I guess I had better get used to the original configuration.

Car is down and loaded into the trailer.  Racing in Pueblo, Colorado with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing:,, this weekend  Looking forward to seeing other Elden’s and more Formula Fords.  Can’t wait.Image