For Sale Elden MK10C FF AM 73-79

1973 Elden MK10C Racing At High Plains Raceway 8/1/2021

1973 Elden MK10 C Formula Ford, Chassis # AM 73-79        $22k OBO

Complete log books since new.  

Complete restoration 2019, include:

1) new lightweight body from Marchant Cox 2018, $1500

2) Total Precision Engine built in 2016, head rebuilt 2019.  All receipts and Dyno sheets available

3) New Ron Davis aluminum side radiators

4) Harmon Fuel cell built 2017, unused until 2019

5) Spax single adjustable shocks

6) New billet steel Imp rear stub axles from PA Motorsports 2021. This was a $800 upgrade

7) Frame was checked and Aluminum floor added.  

8) Many new rod ends, 

9) New gauges.  

10) Belts expire 2022

Complete setup sheets, 2 year old Hoosier VFF tires, Performance Friction Brakes, 

Spares are MK10C nose and old nose buck, used rear engine cover and carb snorkel, original brass radiators, one spare set of Weller wheels, 2 set of gears; short track and long track.  

Car was raced this past Aug 1 at High Plains Raceway and is ready to go again.

Reason for selling?  I have 3 more Eldens and need to reduce the collection.  I have done allot of research on Elden’s in the US and have developed contacts in the UK and US to support the restoration.  A registry of Elden’s in the US is on my web site:

Willing to help with transport for expenses up to 1000 miles.  

Ask all you questions. If there is a specific photo you require, advise.

Thanks for looking.

2 thoughts on “For Sale Elden MK10C FF AM 73-79

  1. Hi and congrats on the restoration. Looks very cool. Kinda weird seeing your first racing love (1977) for sale. Hmmmm…do I have the drive it takes to start again at 71…I think not…my Honda S2000 will have to suffice when I get that occasional urge! Feel free to give the eventual new owner my contact info. Geez, has it really been seven years since I visited you out there? I guess I’ll peruse your site to see if there is any news of that Corvair (my first car ownership experience). Been nice knowing and meeting you, Jay Davis, Spring Grove, Ilinois.

    Sent from Mail for Windows

    • Jay, I transferred the Corvair to my brother as I wasn’t having time to enjoy with all the race cars in the shop. Before I transferred it to him I had a friend make it street ready. Your old car is a delight to drive and hate to let it go but as in life I have too many projects. But I wouldn’t let it go before all the bugs were worked out. I’ll share all the communications I have collected on this car, with the new owner and appreciate your help filling in the history of the car. Be well.


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