Progress on the Elden MK10 Fuel Cell Installation

Worked today on installing the Harmon Racing Cell. Plumbed the fuel with #6 Aeroquip hose and fittings. Plumbed the cell vent(roll over valve) also with #6 hose and fitting exiting the rear of the engine compartment opposite the exhaust header.
Next comes the Aluminum panels to encase the fuel cell. We will use the bulkhead as the back panel and will bend a new front panel(seat back) and side panels from one piece of Al metal. First built a cardboard pattern to get an idea of what is needed. Since cardboard is so thick and not very flexible for the bends built a second model out of poster board from the hobby store. The picture shows these 2 models against the cell. Next will be to transfer the poster board model dimensions to the Al sheet

Note the high degree of precision. hahahaha So off to the shop to find a suitable piece of Al sheet.