Update on MK10 and MK8

All engine parts are at the machine shop (Santa Fe Auto Machine) her in Santa Fe, NM I have the MK10 and the MK8 engine in the shop so allot of parts to order and manage.

When the shop gets done we will complete the order for bearings and rings, etc. Shopping around between BAT and Pegasus finds a large variance in costs. I keep a spreadsheet of all current prices for “ALL” parts I have used. If you want a copy of the list send me an e-mail.

Trying a new firm for RaceTech guages. Ben at Transatlantic Raceparts, Ltd internet site is: http://www.race-parts.com. They were recommended by RACETECH in England as a source of the gauges for the MK 8. Using a dual oil pressure/oil temp gauge and a electrical water temp gauge. Give them a try.

So back to cleaning parts and working on the MK 8 brakes.