Arrival of Elden FF #4

Last night we received the fourth Elden FF from Greg N in the Cleveland OH area. The car was run several years and put away in favor of a Hawke. The previous owner passed and Greg N ended up with the car.

Greg N and I are anxious to see this car back on the track in conjunction with my 1973 Elden gotten in Tulsa a few years ago. That car had a very nice chassis restoration but no body. I have a top body mold and some side fairings alnong with this new car to pull some molds, maybe can save both cars.

Anxious to evaluate the car and make list on lists of options for the two cars.

Picture to follow when we start the evaluation.


72 Elden MK8 #24 Ready for it first outing

Elden MK 8 DebutIts been a bit of work. The MK8 was to follow the MK10 therefore got the left over time. For the last month tried to get it ready for a paddock run. This weekend will take her out for paddock lapping for general systems check out. Still needs front shocks, rebuilt ones in process, using an old set of SPAX for now. I need to figure out how to bend a rear sway bar as this car doesn’t have one. But for now she has been washed, and loaded into the trailer. Watch for video next week of the paddock debut

Update Elden MK8 progress

We have taken a bit of time to get busy with the MK8, The engine was built a year ago. Engine is not FF legal. Bore is +0.100 over bore with Omega pistons and a unknown cam. This engine is cool so saving it to play with.

So engine is in, transmission rebuilt, needing plumbing etc. Sent the front Armstrong shocks to Archie Hodges to be rebuilt. Using rebuilt non-adjustable Bilstein shocks on the rear.

Got the water plumbing and oil plumbing done. Electrical wiring complete. Oh sh… decide to put the body panels on and found the placement of the water swirl pots interfered. As this car was apart when we picked it up I didn’t know what was different from the MK10 Falconner. So backup and redo the swirl pot.

New battery installed checked out wiring.  Today attempted to start the engine.  Wow that is some real compression and need to have a healthy battery booster.  Try again tomorrow.

Engine runs, sounds good. Beginning checkout of systems.



Update on MK10 and MK8

All engine parts are at the machine shop (Santa Fe Auto Machine) her in Santa Fe, NM I have the MK10 and the MK8 engine in the shop so allot of parts to order and manage.

When the shop gets done we will complete the order for bearings and rings, etc. Shopping around between BAT and Pegasus finds a large variance in costs. I keep a spreadsheet of all current prices for “ALL” parts I have used. If you want a copy of the list send me an e-mail.

Trying a new firm for RaceTech guages. Ben at Transatlantic Raceparts, Ltd internet site is: They were recommended by RACETECH in England as a source of the gauges for the MK 8. Using a dual oil pressure/oil temp gauge and a electrical water temp gauge. Give them a try.

So back to cleaning parts and working on the MK 8 brakes.