Update Elden MK8 progress

We have taken a bit of time to get busy with the MK8, The engine was built a year ago. Engine is not FF legal. Bore is +0.100 over bore with Omega pistons and a unknown cam. This engine is cool so saving it to play with.

So engine is in, transmission rebuilt, needing plumbing etc. Sent the front Armstrong shocks to Archie Hodges to be rebuilt. Using rebuilt non-adjustable Bilstein shocks on the rear.

Got the water plumbing and oil plumbing done. Electrical wiring complete. Oh sh… decide to put the body panels on and found the placement of the water swirl pots interfered. As this car was apart when we picked it up I didn’t know what was different from the MK10 Falconner. So backup and redo the swirl pot.

New battery installed checked out wiring.  Today attempted to start the engine.  Wow that is some real compression and need to have a healthy battery booster.  Try again tomorrow.

Engine runs, sounds good. Beginning checkout of systems.



1 thought on “Update Elden MK8 progress

  1. Great stuff …. Thanks for including me in the update ! went to HPR in Denver last week end , with charlie and bob. Guthrie is working on my car ….4 seconds quicker than last year ! hope to see you at sandia next month ! j.

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