Elden MK10 Falconner Progress

It was a busy off season.  Curtis Farley at Farley Engines built a new motor.  Scat crank and light weight flywheel/clutch etc.  I went thought the Hewland and confirmed all bushings etc where in good shape.

First event was April at Sandia Motorsports in Albuquerque, NM running a Southwest Motorsports (www.SWMS.org) vintage race.  I was not happy:  1) brakes have always been an issue.  With the new locking axle nuts on the Imp axles to eliminate loosening of the nut during braking.  John Hammill at http://www.hamfab.com fabricated the nuts and washers.  But the stopping ability is still poor.  I used old Ferrado DS11 pads as I had some and with the rear disk rotors being unobtanium didn’t want to get real aggressive.  I soloed the the DS11 a long time ago. Well let’s move on.

The rear external disk rotors are Sunbeam Rapier, per Peter Hampsheir.  I have scoured the internet trying to find a backup pair.  Contacted the Sunbeam Rapier UK club and found a pair of used.  I have cleaned them up and bored the bolt circles to match the car and have taken them to Santa Fe Auto Machine to have them faced.

So with a backup rotors I put some old Millitex pads on.  They work a 100% better than the DS11, but…..  Will look for some Hawks or Performance Friction Carbon pads.

One thing became more apparent that without adequate rear brakes the under steer is worse.  Going to add brake bias adjuster to help find that happy a balance.

Second race of the year at SWMS I found the engine running warmer than I wished.  70 deg day overcast and water temp 105deg C and rising.  Backed  off RPMs and the issue subsided.  So decide to have the radiators looked at.  The “mule” engine was an unknown and now the Farley engine is known hp.  That added hp maybe a bit much for 6000 ft and dry air,  so having the radiators checked.

Another issue found at the last race was  very “vague” shifter.  2nd gear was tough to get into and 4th was there maybe.  Found that in my search for removing slop in the shift assembly, I actually introduced some drag into the pivot at the front of the shift handle.   Redid the assembly and the next race much better.

So we are getting there.




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