Elden Formula Ford MK10 Chassis Drawings

I want to share a set of drawings I received from John S.  John sent me  the MK10 chassis drawing, Lower A-Arms for Front and Rear Suspension and the Rear Hub casting.  Thank You John, for sharing these valuable pieces of information.

PS:  Elden spare suspension parts are available from MK Motorsports in the UK: https://www.mk8motorsport.com/

and GMT in the USA: http://www.gmtracing.com/

Note: GMT acquired the jigs for the Elden from Pat Price Engineering.

Note:  Just got this from Peter Hampsheir.


The differences between the mk8 are minimal.

After 1981 the weight minimum was increased by 50 Kg to allow for mandatory for extinguisher. The Mk8 was already under weight and so I decided to put the exrta in the chassis for strength. The main members were increased from 1″ sq to 1 1/8″.

SCCA roll bar regs increased to 1 1/2″ dia. Rear radius rod mounts went to clevis mounting and the engine Y frame was made detachable. The rear cross-member was raised to permit inboard brakes.

The original  MK 8 chassis drawing was left on train and was superseded by the Mk 10 drawing 10C1 in Jan 74. This was the last mk10 chassis drawing.

Regards, Peter.


Elden FF Chasis Drawing

Elden Formula Ford MK10 Chassis

Elden FF front Suspension A Arm drawing

Elden Formula Ford MK10 Lower Front A-Arm

Elden FF Rear Suspension A Arm drawing

Elden Formula Ford Lower Rear A-Arm

Elden FF Rear Hub A Arm drawing

Elden Formula Ford Rear Hub

Elden MK 7 8 9 10 11 Rear bulkhead

Elden MK 7 8 9 10 11 Rear bulkhead


Elden MK 10C Makes it Debut at NAPA Speedway, Albuquerque, NM

Progress continues.  The Elden MK10C was loaded into the trailer for a debut run at NAPA Speedway.  http://www.napaspeedway.com

The day was nice about 47deg and no wind which for us is quite nice for December.  Ran the car in the paddock to try and bed in brake pads and build in heat into the engine.  This is the first time the car has moved under its own power in over 16 years.

The Hewland works well, brakes not so much, and engine felt good.  For some reason the brake pad is soft even after several rounds of bleeding.  After many laps pulled in and found several minor oil leaks and a good portion of oil into the overflow that looked like it had water in it.  Oh Sh…  Assume it is a head gasket so put the car away.

Pulled the head the next day and a head gasket isn’t the major issue but did find more corrosion in the head and block.  Remember I didn’t rebuild the engine from when it was brought home.  The engine had started and ran so we flushed the systems and put it on the back burner.  Guess that was wrong.  So the head and block are at Santa Fe Auto Machine in Santa Fe, NM for head rebuild and block cleaning.

Back to the shop and Happy Holidays to everyone.