Elden Formula Ford MK10 Chassis Drawings

I want to share a set of drawings I received from John S.  John sent me  the MK10 chassis drawing, Lower A-Arms for Front and Rear Suspension and the Rear Hub casting.  Thank You John, for sharing these valuable pieces of information.

PS:  Elden spare suspension parts are available from MK Motorsports in the UK: https://www.mk8motorsport.com/

and GMT in the USA: http://www.gmtracing.com/

Note: GMT acquired the jigs for the Elden from Pat Price Engineering.

Note:  Just got this from Peter Hampsheir.


The differences between the mk8 are minimal.

After 1981 the weight minimum was increased by 50 Kg to allow for mandatory for extinguisher. The Mk8 was already under weight and so I decided to put the exrta in the chassis for strength. The main members were increased from 1″ sq to 1 1/8″.

SCCA roll bar regs increased to 1 1/2″ dia. Rear radius rod mounts went to clevis mounting and the engine Y frame was made detachable. The rear cross-member was raised to permit inboard brakes.

The original  MK 8 chassis drawing was left on train and was superseded by the Mk 10 drawing 10C1 in Jan 74. This was the last mk10 chassis drawing.

Regards, Peter.


Elden FF Chasis Drawing

Elden Formula Ford MK10 Chassis

Elden FF front Suspension A Arm drawing

Elden Formula Ford MK10 Lower Front A-Arm

Elden FF Rear Suspension A Arm drawing

Elden Formula Ford Lower Rear A-Arm

Elden FF Rear Hub A Arm drawing

Elden Formula Ford Rear Hub

Elden MK 7 8 9 10 11 Rear bulkhead

Elden MK 7 8 9 10 11 Rear bulkhead



5 thoughts on “Elden Formula Ford MK10 Chassis Drawings

    • Your welcome Neil, The chassis drawing appears to be the MK10C by the nose configuration, but I believe there are no significant changes except for the radiator placement for all MK10’s. PS I have sent your chassis #’s to Peter H for inclusion into his”official” Registry.

  1. Hi,
    I do not think it is wise / and of Peter’s wishes to share the chassis info etc so widely out on the web.
    Would prove very easy for someone with that blue print to re-create chassis etc and create all sorts of problems.


    • Danny, I agree with you that someone could create a “fake” chassis and that is a concern for all marques. I will say I communicated with Peter by sending him the copies of the of the drawings and the note that I was posting to my web site:
      excerpt of that e-mail:

      “…Thank you for your continued support.
      I have posted these on my web site for our Elden friends to use to maintain their cars.
      Larry Haynes”

      Peter subsequently responded with more info on the differences of the MK8 and MK10 chassis noted in the blog post.

      Peter has asked me to also help with his registry with the US and Canadian Elden’s. I have nearly 25 cars identified and strive to verify chassis numbers and chassis status. So I am acutely aware of “fake” chassis and each that I find or told of, is shared with Peter. My goal is to help not hurt Elden’s marque status and if Peter and others think this is an issue I will pull down these posts, gladly.

      Thank You for helping preserve the Elden brand and I value your concern. I’ll write Peter this am and confirm if he has a concern and report back here and on the blog.
      Larry H

      • I have conversed with Peter and here is an excerpt of that discussion:

        “I have issued drawings of the mk 10 chassis and suspension to ensure that fabricators are working from correct information. ”

        I will work diligently to preserve the Edlen history.

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