Feb 2018 Update

Morning to all,

Thought I would take a few minutes to catch up where we are in the winter work on the Elden’s,

Elden #1,  AM 74-5,  is on the alignment rack, home made, to confirm last years setting and upgrade my measurement capabilities.  Below is a picture of my alignment setup.  My garage floor is not even close to flat, 3/4″ slope in 8′ in places.  So I took my Scale pads and built a pad holders with a roll off area behind the scale pad.

Shop alignment setupI also built my own hub stands to get the wheel assembly out of the way and allow a much more accurate surface to measure off of.


I also broke down and bought some Suspension Geometry Software to help me understand the Elden suspension design.  I have chased under-steer all of my time  with this car.  Some of the issue is my driving style and maybe the shocks are not in the correct range. (shocks were valved for a higher spring rate than we are using now).

After conversing with MK8 Motorsports in UK, https://www.mk8motorsport.com/, I have begun to follow their guidance on setup.  This required a softer spring package than I was using and maybe the pickup points on the lower a-arms was incorrect.  So with the software I hope to get some Roll Center numbers, camber change  etc.

The hard part of the suspension geometry software is accurately is inputting 3-D coordinates for all the pickup points.  So working on tools to aid in those measurements.


Elden #2, AM 73-39, was found to a have a severely bent frame. That frame in is Colorado Springs with Tom B. to straighten.  Hope to have back in late February.  Then we will start over building it with all clean, polished etc parts. This will take most of 2018.

Elden #3, AM 73-79, has its new side radiators from Ron Davis Radiators in Phoenix, AZ.  It was a big challenged to plumb the radiator cross over piping and trying to ensure the driver is safe.  The radiator shrouds were from this car many years ago and were a challenge to fit.  Also with the cross over piping in the drivers compartment, the body parts and suspension are a bit more trouble to deal with than the front radiator cars.  So allot of planning and cussing takes place to fit everything.  I believe we are complete.

Next with Elden #3 is to  fit the front suspension, order shocks, etc.  The end maybe in sight!

Elden #4, AM 73-74, waits in the trailer for its time in the shop.  Unfortunately we have borrowed a few parts to further the other sisters completion.  One of the things we have had trouble with is front uprights.  In talking with MK8 Motorsports, they are now building Elden parts and have listings on their web site; https://www.mk8motorsport.com/elden-parts

I have sent them 3 damaged front uprights from my spares and they will attempt to repair or build new.  Give them a shout.

Will update the suspension work later.

Enjoy the Super Bowl Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Feb 2018 Update

  1. Please know I still look in from time to time to see the progress you are making on AM 73-79, my old car. Love the color of the new body. I hope you remember that you said you would let me know when it was going back to the track, when I visited several years ago. All my best wishes, Jay Davis, Spring Grove, Illinois

    • Jay,

      Progress is being made. Right now your old car is ready for its suspension and first major alignments.I’ll py on the alignment jig tomorrow. Goal this year is to get this car to autocross working out all the little issues. Also allow me to play with the suspension settings. Then maybe next year it will travel to the races with the Falconer(blue car). My goal right now is Mid Ohio, and maybe Road America late 2019. Will keep you posted. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Oh, I forgot! I can’t seem to find any update on your Dad’s Corvair! Remember, by sheer coincidence, I owned that exact model as my first foray into the world of cars. I can still feel the turbo “whooshing” in, (can’t say “kicking” in, LOL). Too bad you had to floor it at the entrance of the turn to get boost by the apex!! It is definitely why I brag that “I eat oversteer for breakfast” at our meets of the Honda S2000 club running “The Tail of the Dragon” each year in the Smokies! Early S2000s earned a rep for being tail-happy, but I say any razor-sharp set-up rwd sports car will be so, and I use it to my advantage, telling youngsters behind me ahead of time not to fear my coming around, I’m just lining up for the next straight!!!! Thanks, Corvair Corsa 180hp turbos!!!

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