Update May 15, A late start to the season

Thought I would catch up with all the going ons of this winter.

Last winter I decided to take the blue 027, AM74-5 apart for refurbishment.  The original Farley engine was 4 years old and starting to show loss of compression and leak down.  Since Curtis has retired from the business I move to a local Colorado engine guy, Pete Christensen of Total Precision Engines, http://www.totalprecisionengines.com.

We decided on a new block and rods and pistons.  Total rebuild looks good on the dyno!

At the same time I shipped the engine I crated up the Hewland to go to Taylor Race Engineering.  Handed off the crate to the trucking company here in Santa Fe and on the way to El Paso to transfer trucking companies, the crate was LOST.  What?  How do you lose a 100 pound black tool box in 50-75 miles?  Learned a valuable lesson.  Insure your freight.  I didn’t insure and the trucking company was willing to settle the loss for 10 cents/pound!   Lots of phone calls etc.  Finally issue was resolved when Vice-Pesident of company admitted they lost and we settled on a value of a used Hewland gearbox.

I was able to take a spare Hewland and ordered the stub axles to convert it from cv’s to donuts.  Also that box was a 5 speed and I changed out the lay shaft to a 4 speed.

All of this took and incredible amount of time waiting for parts etc. I probably wasted to much time waiting for the trucking company to resolve the loss/claim.  Anyway May 8 the blue Elden was at Sandia Speedway for its first shakedown.  Mostly everything was okay but a nagging handling problem needs to be addressed.

Red Elden #53, AM 73-79 ran in a solo event last October.  When we unloaded it from the trailer found a broken rear stub axle.  The Hillman Imp axles are very weak.  So I went on a search for an upgraded solution.  The Lotus Europa uses the same axles and several ideas have been used.  Couldn’t find a supplier.  Finally found a sastisfactory replacement.  Still need a long term solution.

In the last solo event the engine would bog badly at launch.  Found timing way off.  At the first race the engine seemed weak.  I bought this as used low time engine.  But to make the story short, wrong jets in carb, timing off, # 2 cylinder down on compression and leak down on # 2 -18%!   Other cylinders at 1-2% leak down.  So sending the head to Total Precision Engines for a head rebuild.

So we are now waiting for engine parts.  Trying to evaluate the shift mechanism.  Went back through the u-joints and eliminated all slop.  But the shift 1st to 2nd is almost 2 1/2″ throw.  The rotation from 2nd to 3rd is nearly 3″.   My Van Dieman FC the throw is 1″ and rotation is approx 1 1/2″   So I’m looking to change if possible.

Next race is Sandia Speedway with SWMS, http://www.swms.org, June 1-2 and immediately June 8-9 at Pueblo Motorsports Park with RMVR, http://www.rmvr.com.  Goal is to take 2 cars to each race.

Will update after the June races.



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