1973 Elden MK10C First Day at Track!

Firts track day 2018

Today we got AM73-79 out to Sandia Motor Speedway in Albuquerque, NM for its initial outing following restoration.

We got this car from Tim H in Tulsa, OK back in 2013.  Jay Davis a previous owner of this car actually stopped and saw the car several years ago and helped with its history.

I ordered a new body from Marchant and Cox, minus the radiator shrouds.  Car ran good.  I’m worried about those small aluminum radiators in our heat and dry air.  It was 90+ degrees out and I limited rpm’s to 5500 and water temps sat at 90 deg C  and oil was 90 deg C.  So there is hope?

I changed the location of the shifter down an inch and it seems much more comfortable. Can’t wait to try AM74-5 (Falconer bodied) which has the same change.  Change was necessary as the sheet metal plate that holds the front end of the shift rod at the bulkhead was severely cracked  allowing excess movement.

So now into the shop for inspection and getting it ready for some solo work the rest of the year.  Maybe track time if things work out.



2 thoughts on “1973 Elden MK10C First Day at Track!

  1. I’m overjoyed to hear that my first FF was finally being driven “in anger” once again! Wondering just what is still as I knew it. Maybe those radiator shrouds are original. Came on the site today to see if any mention of intentions to be at the HUGE “Formula Ford 50th Anniversary” celebration at Road America (my old home track) about two weeks away. Jay Davis, former owner

    • Jay, those radiator shrouds got painted red and they are the originals. Ran the car at Hight Plains Raceway, Denver CO, and suffered a Pertronix failure. Fixed that and ran two weekends ago in Albuquerque at Sandia Speeedway. Next race for me is SVRA at Austin. The 50th in Elkhart was a challenge for scheduling with wife’s jury duties.

      So far the red car handles much different than the Falconer. I think it’s mainly shocks and I need to spend some time working on them. Red car likes to “drift” the corners. Fully controllable but different.

      Good hearing from you keep in touch. Larry

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