Personal Elden Register

Since I bought my first two Elden’s I have taken allot of time to find other Elden owners. past or present.  I have collected that data by personal contact, open forums and referrals.

Peter Hampsheir maintains the Official Elden Registry and works very hard to preserve the history of the marque and wants to ensure no one creates new chassis without his knowledge.  I work hand in hand with Peter to keep track of mainly the US cars and share data with him regularly.

If you want to add info to this Elden Register, please contact through the site.  I will work with you to find the chassis # and correlate known history of the chassis to verify its authenticity in conjunction with Peter.  I would then request permission to add your car to both my personal register and Peter Hampsheir’s “Official Elden Registry”.  No personal data is included in this register and only be released with your permission.

In a few days I will provide a .pdf link to this register on this site after I update data just received.  Look back every so often for updates.


The question has come up on where to find the chassis #.  On most Elden’s it is on the rear bulkhead right side or maybe left.  Here is a picture of my chassis #:

MK10 Farme # annotated

2 thoughts on “Personal Elden Register

  1. Hi – I have just acquired Elden Mk 8 chases number 19787 in Australia and have started the process of bring it up to possible historic race condition – thanks David

    • David, Congratulations on your acquisition! Was the chassis # “19787” found on top of the roll hoop? The number “19787” looks more like an SCCA tech number issued from the Cal-Club Region #19 log book 787. Did you get any log books with the chassis? Most Elden MK8 chassis numbers are found on the right rear bulkhead and may look like (ex) “AM 72-xxx”. I’ll try to post an image in a second. Look forward to any pictures and history of the car. Again congratulations!

      I will post the picture of the right rear bulkhead w/chassis number under the original post as the comments wont allow. Good day!

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