Update from Lowell Duncan on Royale RP16

“The work involved replacing the lower frame tubes and lower radius rod mounts, all tubing and steering rack mounts forward of the footbox bulkhead (except for the rectangular tube), and about half of the lower cross members, plus the upper cross member in the dash bulkhead, not to mention TIGing up numerous pop rivet holes (still a few left to do). The frame was also pretty twisted, so he straightened it with his frame jig as he put things back together.  Quite a bit of work, and still a little more to go.  At this point, Mike needed some garage space to get his Lotus 69 FB car ready for the season, so he suggested I do a cleanup of the chassis and a “test assembly” of the car to see what else might be needed in terms of additional brackets and such, in addition to removing some rust from the sheet metal bulkheads so they can be re-attached.  At least the frame is strong and straight now.  All brazing was done in the traditional gas-fluxing method as was used back in the day at Arch Motors. I also need to make the new radius rods and have Mike TIG the threaded “spuds” into the ends.  Not a lot of work, but it all takes time. So much left to do!”

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