2014 and Lets get back to Work

The winter has been spent doing everything but working on the race cars.  Now that that is done lets see what the list is for the cars:

Mk-10, sent the carburetor to Curtis Farley to have rebuilt, jetted and perform the magic that he does.  He will run the rebuilt carb on the engine dyno to set jetting.  Bilstein shocks are finally rebuilt and will be ready install. Need to order new tires, American Racers for the 2014 season.  Time to nut and bolt everything, realign with the new shocks and set corner weights.

MK8, I am fabricating Al side panels to go along the chassis to ensure that debris, or hot coolant doesn’t find its way into my cockpit.  This came to light from Bill D in Grand Junction, CO when he had an accident that damaged the coolant lines that run alongside the chassis mid height.  He moved his to lower on the chassis and I decide to put a light Al panel to minimize the risk.  Will add some pictures later.  The engine for this car is done and awaits installation. Need to get new bearings for the MK9 transaxle.  Several of those bearings are old needle bearings and newer ones are ball.  Taylor Engineering to help.  I have 2 Bilstein shocks rebuilt for this car.  Still need to more for the front.  Currently old Armstrongs are there and I would like to replace.

Another task that is taking more time is finding some longer 3/8-24″ wheel studs for the front and rear.  The fronts are Triumph Spitfire and they are a bit short when using the Revolution alloy wheels and their sleeve nuts.  The 3/8″ studs are pretty much a dinosaur in favor or 7/16 or M12  wheel studs.  But since I have 3 sets of revolutions and spent the money to true them up I want to stay with the 3/8″ studs.  I have scoured the forums like “www.apexspeed.com” and think I have found a source in the UK.  When that is confirmed I will post that info. 

So that is it for now and off to the shop.