First Impression of Elden #4

After getting back from a bit of time away, had to see what arrived from Greg N in Cleveland, OH.  To me Elden #4 is chassis #AM 73-74 a and is a MK10B, front radiators by the front wheels.

The car had been is garage storage for many years.  When J.T. Newland passed on Greg N got the car.  Newland raced the car maybe thru 79 or so and then bought a Hawke.  Seat belts date to 81 so that concurs with Greg’s recollection.  Unfortunately the paperwork of the car was lost in the inheritance.

Quick overview of the car revealed a couple of interesting things: 1) non-removable steering wheel, 2) fuel tank appears to be foam filled Aluminum tank not fuel cell, 3) all the hose clamps are of British manufacture, most of the heim joints appear original, 4) Scholar engine was original.

This makes me wonder if car is a one owner, low use car?  The fiberglass nose is not original but we all know noses are the first thing to get damaged in most Formula cars.

So the plan right now is to pull the engine and open it up to see what it is.  Put Elden #3 (AM73-74, MK10B) along side this one and see what differences need attending to.  Looking at my body spares I may have some usable side and cockpit panels.  Missing maybe engine cover and proper nose cones.