72 Elden MK8 First Competition Outing

MK8 at farmington Oct15Last weekend we took the Elden MK 8 out to a solo event in Farmington, NM. 15 acres of good asphalt a great place for this cars initial competition outing in over 20 years.

Car worked well, lots of power from this engine. In fact had trouble keeping the rear wheels from spinning in the lower 3 gears. Geared low for Solo but, wow. This engine is 0.100 overbore, Omega pistons and a cam. Not FF legal but what came in the car.

Issues: rear brakes, top end breathing of the engine, ride height needs to go up 1/2 all the way around. Was running toe-out on front and rear +1/32″ total, -1 deg camber front and -0.5 rear and 3 deg castor front. Tires were some 3 year old American Racers.

So anyway back to the shop and await the arrival of Elden #4. More on that later.

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