1965 Corvair Corsa Turbo Preservation Begins

IMG_0452I inherited my dads 65 Corvair back in 1990. Put the car in storage and now its gets its turn to return to its former glory.

VIN verification indicates the car is a true Corsa 180hp turbo, some 20,000 Corsa’s made in 1965 with a majority the 4 carburetor 140hp version.

Santa Fe Classics in Santa Fe NM will do an evaluation of the car this week, looking at engine/trans #’s, engine status, rust, etc.. If all checks out as then we will begin to try and return it to the road. The plan will develop as time moves forward.

3 thoughts on “1965 Corvair Corsa Turbo Preservation Begins

  1. Wow, Our interests cross again! My first car, after learning to drive on my dad’s Corvairs, was a “65 Corsa Turbo coupe!! I don’t suppose you read these daily, but if so, check out the Turbo convertible on Bring A Trailer auctions, hurry, only a day and a half left……Jay Davis, Spring Grove, IL

  2. Good hearing from you Jay. I have many diverse car loves. Yes I have drooled over the BAT Vair and in Santa Fe, there is one for $8k non-turbo. Just think I have enough for now, don’t you agree?

    • I just felt at $9k (when I first saw it) it was a steal. But, alas, it is an auction, and went eventually for $18k, about where I thought it should be. I actually stumbled over it looking at Lotus Europa Twin Cam sites (they also used Hillman Imp stubs. An import part salesman once asked me if I wanted the part under the Hillman #–$20, or the Lotus #–$120!!), one of which I owned for three years and sold to move on to the Elden. WAIT!! That stub axle wasn’t for the Europa–it was for the Elden. The threads had become severely worn and we had to haul the car into Elkart Lake and beat on then ancient Willard Girstmacher;s door at about dawn on a Sunday morning to be able to finish the weekend. We had the local welder weld the nut on the shaft!!

      I seem to be regressing in hobbies, getting back into saxophones after 45 years, now playing in the local JC/community concert band, as well as recording in a hobby studio I’ve put together, playing sax quartets, often also bringing in my guitars and bass. Except for three operations last year, final education expenses for the youngest of our nine, also her wedding, a baritone sax, a soprano sax, a new furnace, and well work, that Corvair might have been at my house!! I guess my S2000 will have to continue to fill those needs for a long while.

      I think I missed that your Corvair had been your Dad’s. This other car seemed very well done–and yes, I suppose you might have enough on your plate!!! Go Cubs, Jay D.

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