RP-16 Updates from Lowell D.

I have attached some pictures of the radiator mockups and some initial templates I have on the tops of the radiator shrouds. The templates were traced from original RP16-38 bodywork by another owner/racer in Austin, Texas. You can also see that I have stripped the paint off of the body down to a very heavy layer of filler and begun to cut/modify the old body. The filler has cracked pretty badly due to cracks in the black gelcoat underneath, so I will remove most of it and fill/reinforce the cracks in the gelcoat. In the two series of radiator mockups attached, you can see the difference in orientation between the stock radiator inclined angle (~36 deg) and a revised angle of ~41 deg. I actually like the 36 degree better as it lowers the CG of the radiator package by an inch or two, although it may not cool as well as the more upright 41 degree configuration. My thoughts right now are to go with the stock angle first and if I have cooling problems, try the more upright angle. All subject to change of course!

P1010520_resized Rads1 ~41 deg

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