RP-16 Update Good Progress


Thought I would send you an update on my progress on the RP16 restoration. I was planning to sandblast the chassis myself, however the person that is going to do the frame repair for me, Mike Henry, suggested that I use a company in Denver, Blast-Tech. They do a lot of media blasting on classic and race car chassis and, based on my conversations with them, are aware of the brazing used on British race car chassis and how to blast them without damaging the brazed joints.

As shown in the pictures, they did a super job. From what I can tell, the rust was mostly on the surface with the tubing in pretty good shape. The price, $130, was right also. They even were able to reach the difficult areas of multiple tube joints/bulkheads and cleaned them really well. A few pictures are attached.

I have also attached 2 pictures of a mockup of one of the radiator shrouds that I will use to make the molds for them (this particular one was a test piece made from scraps as it was a little narrow compared to the actual size). The chassis will go to Mike on Jan 10th, so I will have to see how long the repairs will take. He does super work and I have a lot of confidence in him. I don’t know when I will get the car finished, likely not for the 2015 season.

refreshed chassis 1refreshed chassis 2

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