Update 12-9-2012

Good Morning loyal followers 🙂

A quick Update.  Allot of work has been completed.  John and Adam Hammil finished building new radiator tubes to route the lines in a much more clean fashion from the old 12″ flex hose.  New swirl pot and also corrected a minor frame issue and helped me pour a new seat.  HAMFABINC.com

Got my used treaded tires from John Berget.  Since the Dunlops are hard to come buy got a set of Avons for initial setup and testing.  http://www.jbracingtires.net

Engine compression checks good with <6% variation.  Will do leak down tests after track day to finish breaking in and getting all the seals warm.

Car is to be put on the ground today to set initial alignment and ride height.  Then into the trailer for a Dec 16th test date at NAPA Speedway in Alb, NM on the road course.  Several of our open wheel friends will be there to support the efforts.

The Elden MK8 1973 is moving closer to its place on the roll around.  After track day will pull the engine/trans to put new water pump, pulleys and belts, and freeze plugs.  Look for new pictures of the shop later today with the FF lineups.


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