I’m still alive, but busy

Good evening.

Sitting here watching the Daytona 500.  Glad to see no one is hurt.  Pretty amazing.

Anyway the oil pump is headed back from Farley Engines and the Fuel Cell has shipped from Harmon Racing Cells.

Curtis Farley has encouraged me to change the oil suction(scavenge) line to AN 10 from 8’s.  Will require a change to the oil tank and the dry sump pan.  Will take to HamFab in Edgewood, NM.

The Fuel cell pictures will post this weekend once I get it.  I will show pictures of the cell on the bench and also in the car.  Look forward to that.

Anyone know what stub axles we use on the MK10C?  It appears mine are wore and the rotor doesn’t always center when the big nut is torqued on inducing run out.    HamFab checked the rotors and they are within 0.005″ run out.  May need to replace or come up with an alternative plan.


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