Two Elden MK 10’s Restoration/Preservation

This blog will start with the following of a Restoration/Preservation and subsequent Vintage Racing of a 1973 and 1974 Elden Mk 10 Formula Fords.

Other blogs maybe started on other projects: 1972 Royale RP16 Vintage Formula Ford, 1954 SIAM H-Mod and other projects as they come to the shop.

The two Elden Formula Fords were acquired in Pickens South Carolina from the Al Morris.  The family had raced these two cars and others in various SVRA, and HSR events. Both cars were acquired and moved into my shop in Santa Fe, NM in October 2011.

First is a 1974 Elden Mk10C,  Frame # AM 74 5.  History has this car racing in SCCA from 1974-mid 1980’s and SVRA in the 1990’s.  Recorded owners were Robert Cavanaugh (8/74),Everett Kemp (4/1975), Mark Quinn (3/1976), Lee Stohr (5/1980), Al Morris (5/1991).

1974 Elden MK10C Re-bodied Falconer

Second car is an Elden MK10,  Frame # 73  39. History has this car racing in SCCA from 1973-1991.  Recorded owners were Roy Hepner (8/1973), Art Cross (4/1977), Gary Bridge (6/1991), Al Morris (7/1992).  This car was registered in SCCA log books and subsequent SVRA and HSR as a 1973 Elden MK 8.  But discussions with Peter Hampsheir and comparing the frame number with Peter, this car is a MK10.  So I will follow this cars a 1973 MK 8(10).

1973 Elden MK 8(10)

More information on Elden Race Cars can be found at:

Future posts will describe the Preservation process of these two beautiful cars.

Please come back for updates and changes to this blog site


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