Larry Haynes

Santa Fe, NM

My interests lie in motorsports of all types.  But mostly road racing in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America), Vintage Racing via Southwest Motorpsports (SWMS).  Also licensed worker for SCCA and SWMS for Flag and Communication, Start, Tech and Solo Safety Steward.  Formed LCH Restoration to facilitate the preservation of various Formula and Vintage race cars.

2011 Worker of the Year for Rocky Mountain Division, SCCA for Starter

Cars I have owned or still own:

1965 Triumph TR4A  My autocross car for  many years until returning to school

1979 TVR Taimar  bought in 1980 sold in 2011

1962 Elva MK6 with Alfa 1300 engine second autocross car traded for Winkelman FF

1972 Winkelman WDF2 Formula Ford, sold

1987 Van Diemen Formula Continental, currently my road race car and autocrosser

1954 SIAM H-Mod, Hand built car built by Purdue University Engineering students as class project.  Undergoing Restoration

1956 Crolsey-Fibersport, “Maybe” one of the original John Mays “factory” cars, awaiting preservation

1972 Lotus Elan +2, basket case from Las Cruces NM.  Stored for many years, sold 2014 to a fellow in San Diego, CA

1972 Royale RP16, acquired in 2011 from Richard Tipton’s family in Taos, NM, awaiting decision on preservation/restoration or? Sold to Lowell Duncan, Colorado Springs, CO, undergoing restoration, follow on the this blog site

1985 Mazda RX7 Spec 7 road racer, Sold to Patrick Frank, Denver, CO

1973 Elden Mk8(10) acquired in Pickens SC, Oct 2010, undergoing preservation

1973 Elden MK10C acquired in Pickens SC, OCT 2010, undergoing preservation

1973 Elden MK10C acquired in Oklahoma City, OK, undergoing preservation  (1/26/2013)

1965 Corvair Corsa, 180hp Turbo, inherited from my father and awaits restoration.

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    • Sorry for the delay. Vacations and a new house keeps me off the computer and out of the shop. Just had new half shafts constructed. I had rebuilt the hydraulics, masters and calipers. What do you think it is worth? I did have the engine running but it had set for many years and I would assume a full restoration is needed. Limited spares, 2 sets of wheels, steel and Al, Nose mold comes with the car. We are in NM and can help with shipping for cost.

  1. Larry,
    I am another guy interested in the RP16 if you want to sell. I race with a friend in the Seattle area here who runs one that we dragged back from Texas a few years back. That one was $6K and in much better condition but still had to be completely assembled so there are comparisons. If you can give me an idea of the transmission condition we might be able to come up with a price. I would drive to NM to get it and just bring it home on a U-haul cause it is cheaper than the gas penalty for pulling my car hauler down. Email me and we can talk.
    Best Regards, jj

    • Jeff, Sorry for the delay out on a job. I have done some work on the car and started the engine. The half shafts were not with the car so I have had some made here locally and they will require a bit more work to be usable. What do you mean condition of the trans? I believe it is a MK8 and is all there. I have not opened to check the internals but knowing this car was raced then parked I assume it should be useable. I would have to think on a price as this car came from an estate and the family has an interest in seeing the car run again, not sure how to handle that right now, but will chat with them this week. Larry

    • James, Good hearing from you. I hope the Elden works out for you. Where is it? I have been trying to catalog all the cars I come into contact with. I don’t have a US supplier for the body molds. Of the MK 10 there are several body styles, Falconer, MK10A, forward side radiators by front wheel MK10B if I recall and later the MK10C with radiators outboard by the cockpit.

      I was in contact with Len at Marchant and Cox in the UK, http://marchantandcox.co.uk/, and they have the molds for all the Eldens . Their prices seemed fair and I hear the workmanship is very good.
      I need to order a body set for my Mk 8 which lacks a body but it is the bottom of the Que right now. I have in my shop a cockpit mold for a MK8, I haven’t used so not sure how it would come out. Let me know how I can help, lhaynes99@gmail.com.
      Also http://www.eldenracingcars.moonfruit.com/#, is the web site by Peter Hampsheir for the Elden marque and you maybe able to contact him through that.

      Again good luck and would love to track the progresshere on the blog.

      Larry H

  2. Hey Larry, I saw on your website, LCH restorations, that you owned a 1962 Elva mk6 with an alfa 1300 engine in it. I am now the owner of elva mk6 60/23 that at one point was raced by the Bjerke brothers with an alfa 1300. Is there any chance that you were one of the previous owners of my car? I look forward to hearing more about your elva and any stories you have with the car. Best, Eric

  3. Good morning Larry. This is Jim Murphy the unfinished 50-60’s project that I thought might be connected to the SIAM. Anyway thanks for your input on using the Topolino rear end with a built Crosley-based engine, Now in studying your pictures of the SIAM I have another question. It looks like it has been converted to an open drive shaft from the Topolino torque tube. Plus the connection to the trans looks interesting. (What trans is it?). I’m especially interested in the pinion connector adapter to the U-Joint. Do you have any information on whether it’s a part from a different application or custom machined? And finally, if and when you disassemble the unit could you post some pics of the connecting end of the piece? Thanks.

    • Jim, the transmission on the SIAM is somewhat unknown. I was told by the old documentation it was a Triumph Standard. It has “Standard” stamped on the case but my Triumph friends say not so. So not sure what to say on its manufacture. Will update site if we get more definitive info.

      The u-joint/pinion on the fiat topolino axle needs to be researched. I’ll have some time next week to take it off and take a few pictures. Thanks for the questions.

      • Larry. found your message. Thanks for following up. Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: LCH RestorationsSent: Saturday, February 27, 2021 10:54 PMTo: murph0097@gmail.comSubject: [New comment] About LCH Restoration commented: "Jim, the transmission on the SIAM is somewhat unknown. I was told by the old documentation it was a Triumph Standard. It has “Standard” stamped on the case but my Triumph friends say not so. So not sure what to say on its manufacture. Will update sit"

      • thanks. i’ll be running a Sprite Ribcase trans and open driveshaft. On closer inspection, I’m not sure the SIAM rear is Topolino. The gussets on the case look different from mine. More learning.

  4. After finding this site a number of years ago, I just stumbled upon it again. B

    efore he died in 2018, I asked my father, Clarke Walser, about his car brokering days as Honest Clarke. He laughed and said that he never sold a single car. None of those cars were actually in his possession. They were, I believe, all owned by racing friends. I loved seeing that at that time he was looking for a Mini Cooper because this was what he later raced out of the Chicago Regional until he stopped in the early 1970s.

    Thanks for that post!

    • John, That is very cool info on “Honest Clarke” sales. As I, he probably was an intermediary, always looking for another race car. Did you dad ever race H-Mods or just small bore like the mini? I’m glad that Sales Brochure history was there for you to recollect. Have a great day!

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