72 Elden MK8 #24 Ready for it first outing

Elden MK 8 DebutIts been a bit of work. The MK8 was to follow the MK10 therefore got the left over time. For the last month tried to get it ready for a paddock run. This weekend will take her out for paddock lapping for general systems check out. Still needs front shocks, rebuilt ones in process, using an old set of SPAX for now. I need to figure out how to bend a rear sway bar as this car doesn’t have one. But for now she has been washed, and loaded into the trailer. Watch for video next week of the paddock debut

Elden MK10 Falconner Progress

It was a busy off season.  Curtis Farley at Farley Engines built a new motor.  Scat crank and light weight flywheel/clutch etc.  I went thought the Hewland and confirmed all bushings etc where in good shape.

First event was April at Sandia Motorsports in Albuquerque, NM running a Southwest Motorsports (www.SWMS.org) vintage race.  I was not happy:  1) brakes have always been an issue.  With the new locking axle nuts on the Imp axles to eliminate loosening of the nut during braking.  John Hammill at http://www.hamfab.com fabricated the nuts and washers.  But the stopping ability is still poor.  I used old Ferrado DS11 pads as I had some and with the rear disk rotors being unobtanium didn’t want to get real aggressive.  I soloed the the DS11 a long time ago. Well let’s move on.

The rear external disk rotors are Sunbeam Rapier, per Peter Hampsheir.  I have scoured the internet trying to find a backup pair.  Contacted the Sunbeam Rapier UK club and found a pair of used.  I have cleaned them up and bored the bolt circles to match the car and have taken them to Santa Fe Auto Machine to have them faced.

So with a backup rotors I put some old Millitex pads on.  They work a 100% better than the DS11, but…..  Will look for some Hawks or Performance Friction Carbon pads.

One thing became more apparent that without adequate rear brakes the under steer is worse.  Going to add brake bias adjuster to help find that happy a balance.

Second race of the year at SWMS I found the engine running warmer than I wished.  70 deg day overcast and water temp 105deg C and rising.  Backed  off RPMs and the issue subsided.  So decide to have the radiators looked at.  The “mule” engine was an unknown and now the Farley engine is known hp.  That added hp maybe a bit much for 6000 ft and dry air,  so having the radiators checked.

Another issue found at the last race was  very “vague” shifter.  2nd gear was tough to get into and 4th was there maybe.  Found that in my search for removing slop in the shift assembly, I actually introduced some drag into the pivot at the front of the shift handle.   Redid the assembly and the next race much better.

So we are getting there.




Update Elden MK8 progress

We have taken a bit of time to get busy with the MK8, The engine was built a year ago. Engine is not FF legal. Bore is +0.100 over bore with Omega pistons and a unknown cam. This engine is cool so saving it to play with.

So engine is in, transmission rebuilt, needing plumbing etc. Sent the front Armstrong shocks to Archie Hodges to be rebuilt. Using rebuilt non-adjustable Bilstein shocks on the rear.

Got the water plumbing and oil plumbing done. Electrical wiring complete. Oh sh… decide to put the body panels on and found the placement of the water swirl pots interfered. As this car was apart when we picked it up I didn’t know what was different from the MK10 Falconner. So backup and redo the swirl pot.

New battery installed checked out wiring.  Today attempted to start the engine.  Wow that is some real compression and need to have a healthy battery booster.  Try again tomorrow.

Engine runs, sounds good. Beginning checkout of systems.



1965 Corvair Corsa Turbo Preservation Begins

IMG_0452I inherited my dads 65 Corvair back in 1990. Put the car in storage and now its gets its turn to return to its former glory.

VIN verification indicates the car is a true Corsa 180hp turbo, some 20,000 Corsa’s made in 1965 with a majority the 4 carburetor 140hp version.

Santa Fe Classics in Santa Fe NM will do an evaluation of the car this week, looking at engine/trans #’s, engine status, rust, etc.. If all checks out as then we will begin to try and return it to the road. The plan will develop as time moves forward.

Update Elden MK 10 Race Season

Well lets update the progress and or plans for the Elden MK10.

Engine was removed and sent to Farley Engines for rebuilding. The existing engine was what I call a “mule” motor.  It was a rebuild of the “as-found” with no special effort spent to make horsepower but to allow the shakedown of the chassis.  Now its time to have that special motor.  New SCAT crank and Tilton clutch assembly are the two big ticket items.

While the engine is at Farley’s catching up on some maintenance chores.  1) Check all rear hub assemblies.  MK 10C stub axle issue

The Elden uses Hillman Imp stub axles which is a known weakness and I plan to replace eventually with a modern axles from Taylor Engineering.  But for now bearings look good.  HamFab Inc has completed some new locking washer/nuts for the stub axles.  They, lock washers/nuts, were missing on the MK 10 Elden. Regular locking hex nuts and hardened washers were present when I got it and didn’t understand the importance of the locking requirement.  Of the 3 Eldens in the shop, one had correct parts.  Without the locking washer which is slid over the “D” shape of the stub axle, the large nut the left rear nut will loosen with every application of the brakes.  Next a soft rear pedal and time to stop.  Tried other mechanism’s to stop that before I went on a search to understand the problem.  Now I know some will say the Lotus Elan used the same stub and this problem was addressed by many others, but I am bullheaded to ignore that fact. 🙂


Rear Hub Center Revolution Wheel

2) One of the concerns I have had with the wheel studs is that they are put in fully shear.  This car had original short wheel studs front and rear, 3/8″-24.  Many people had put 7/16″ dia wheel studs as the MK 8 has.  I wanted to keep the 3/8″-24 as the 3 sets of Revolution wheels that came with the car are set up for the 3/8″ studs.  So I went on a treasure hunt and found longer studs in the UK for the front, Triumph Spitfire and installed.  The rears run a 1″ Al spacer with conversion from the Hillman bolt circle to the Spitfire bolt circle.  The a long grade 8 bolt is used for the wheel stud.  So when you put the wheels on the wheel nuts are the main centering device to the hub assembly leaving the wheel studs in shear.  So the plan was to have made some hub centers for the various wheels I will use:


Existing Wheel Spacer

First is the Revolution wheel. The rear Al spacer has an ID of 2.75″ and the center of the Revolution wheel is 2.5″ ID.  So I made on my shop lathe:

Now with this installed the wheel nuts mount very easy and this should provide significant support for the wheel studs.  Wheel centers for the Revolution front and for the steel wheels front and rear are next.



Rear Hub Center Installed  

So we now wait for the engine and the first April race in Albuquerque, NM.






1974 Elden MK10C chassis # AM 73-79 Previous Owner Comments

Hello. MY name is Dana Moudy and I received a email from you about my Elden FF. Sorry for the delay, but I have been super busy for the last few months.
I did own a Elden FF MK10. I bought the car about 1979 or 1980. I was autocrossing with a 67 Shelby GT-350. I decided to move up to run in b-Modified with a FF. I did some research and found out the Elden had the shortest wheelbase of I believe 83”. So it was ideal for B-mod. I won the A-mod & B-mod for 1983 SCCA regional Championships with it.

I finally started racing it in 1985 at Hallett with the COMMA race series in Club FF. I started a string of races with it in which I won 18 straight races with it. I ended with a crash caused by a driver trying to go for first place and he lost control and took off my left rear corner on the car. I repaired it and while leading with 2 laps left the only part I didn’t replace broke and I spun out with a DNF.
I then sold the car to Steve Carbone who bought it for his son to race at Hallett. He owned a Machine Shop for race engines. He took the car totally apart and put it in the back of his pickup truck and on the way to the shop to be painted and chromed he stopped at a burger place to eat. When he came out the truck had been stolen. They eventually found the truck and the chassis and all the parts were still in it. This is where I lost the trail of the car and I don’t know what happened to it.
As far as I know it was never raced at Hallett because I was still racing with a Lola T440 Club Ford. I raced it and a Royale SF with a 2000 Motor and wings. I last raced in Tiga S2000 and I never saw the car back at the track. I quit racing racing at Hallett because for several years I was doing double duty by racing a dirt midget on Friday nights at one track and Saturday nights at another track, as well as the Tiga S2000 once a month at Hallett.
I gave up the road racing and drove the dirt midgets twice a week as well as another car for my son. It was pretty nice to get money at the dirt tracks and they paid nothing for road racing. I quit racing and concentrated on my sons midget. That was around 1995 or so. My memory of racing is pretty blurred with all the races and cars after 20 years. The Elden was a MK10C I think but it had the narrow nose not the wide one which kind of looked like the ones on the Tyrell’s F1 cars at the time it was built. The car came from the Chicago area and had been racing in that region with SCCA.

I have moved and the pictures have all been put away in storage buildings so I would have to dig up some pictures which I have no idea in what boxes they are in. I do have one black and white picture that I have and I could copy it and send it to you if you will send me your address to send it to. It was bright white with a blue Ford stripe and a black stripe down the bottom of the car. It is a picture of the car with the back section of the car removed so we could work an it quicker. It was good to think about that car because I won more races in that car than any others I owned. Between the Elden and the Lola I won 27 races, I 3rd and 3 DNF’s. Quite a lot of winning in that car.
If you have any other questions email me and I will try to answer you if I remember any more. Thanks for bringing up a great time in my life and remembering how all the other drivers with better cars couldn’t believe what that little car could do. Oh, I forgot to tell you I moved the radiators from behind the front tires to next to the drivers seat to get the Transient response better and lose a little weight because I could use less water and lose a little weight at the same time. Thanks for the memories. Dana P. Moudy

Dana, Good Hearing from you and your history with the Elden. I bought an Elden Chassis from a fellow in Ok City and in reviewing the log book you owned the car from Ron Eilken and previously Jay Davis, Jay actually was able to see the car last year and assured it was his as it has special fasteners from a company he represented. Oh so interesting. A couple of pictures I have found of the car and Jay has sent some others from when he owned the car. I don’t have a body for the car but plan on the front radiator position, I Think.

2014 and Lets get back to Work

The winter has been spent doing everything but working on the race cars.  Now that that is done lets see what the list is for the cars:

Mk-10, sent the carburetor to Curtis Farley to have rebuilt, jetted and perform the magic that he does.  He will run the rebuilt carb on the engine dyno to set jetting.  Bilstein shocks are finally rebuilt and will be ready install. Need to order new tires, American Racers for the 2014 season.  Time to nut and bolt everything, realign with the new shocks and set corner weights.

MK8, I am fabricating Al side panels to go along the chassis to ensure that debris, or hot coolant doesn’t find its way into my cockpit.  This came to light from Bill D in Grand Junction, CO when he had an accident that damaged the coolant lines that run alongside the chassis mid height.  He moved his to lower on the chassis and I decide to put a light Al panel to minimize the risk.  Will add some pictures later.  The engine for this car is done and awaits installation. Need to get new bearings for the MK9 transaxle.  Several of those bearings are old needle bearings and newer ones are ball.  Taylor Engineering to help.  I have 2 Bilstein shocks rebuilt for this car.  Still need to more for the front.  Currently old Armstrongs are there and I would like to replace.

Another task that is taking more time is finding some longer 3/8-24″ wheel studs for the front and rear.  The fronts are Triumph Spitfire and they are a bit short when using the Revolution alloy wheels and their sleeve nuts.  The 3/8″ studs are pretty much a dinosaur in favor or 7/16 or M12  wheel studs.  But since I have 3 sets of revolutions and spent the money to true them up I want to stay with the 3/8″ studs.  I have scoured the forums like “www.apexspeed.com” and think I have found a source in the UK.  When that is confirmed I will post that info. 

So that is it for now and off to the shop.

Back from the RMVR Vintage Race Weekend

June 1-2, 2013 we participated in the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (RMVR) race at Pueblo Motorsports Park at Pueblo, Colorado. Had some 20+ FF’s. Haven’t raced on this track in at least 2 years. The new surface was great.

Took the Elden MK10 with the Falconer body. Second race weekend. Car ran well but still unhappy with the rear brakes. Can’t seem to get them to do their fair share. Engine ran good pulled 6100 rpm on the 1/2 mile straight at 5500 ft elevation. I didn’t have any parts failures so all in all it was a good weekend.RMVR Pueblo Motorsports ParkPictures shot By Rupert Berrington Action Photography

Time to Race the Elden MK10

We took the MK10 Falconer out to the last vintage race in Albuquerque, NM on April 27th. Won the class, well I was the only finisher, but I scored a WIN!  Anyway the engine was running very lean, and the brakes were there but not awe inspiring.  So I kept the laps down and came home to work on the car.

Replaced all the master cylinders with new.  I had rebuilt the old ones and I swear I have not had that bad of luck before.  Rebuilt the carb and rejetted.  Moved the shoulder belts mounting point so as to fit the HANs device properly. Built a new dash as the original dash has the gauges down and behind the steering wheel and I wasn’t comfortable with that.  So made a paper etmplate and then a new Al panel with the gauges higher up above my hands.  The Falconer body allows this configuration but the MK8 will not so I guess I had better get used to the original configuration.

Car is down and loaded into the trailer.  Racing in Pueblo, Colorado with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing:  http://www.rmvr.org, http://www.pueblomotorsportspark.us, this weekend  Looking forward to seeing other Elden’s and more Formula Fords.  Can’t wait.Image

Period Pictures of the Newest Elden

Thanks to Jay Davis, the second owner of the Elden MK10C I am posting some of his pictures he was gracious enough to share.  I was most interested in radiator location and attachment points for the same.

One of the question Jay answered for me was if the car came with an original Piper engine.  In the pictures there is a Piper cast aluminum oil sump, Piper oil pump, Piper velocity stack and Piper valve cover.  I have all but the Piper valve cover which Jay says he still has.  Also Jay says that the original block had some weird gob of weld/epoxy covering block damage.  The block I have from the car has two areasImageImage that have repairs from internal shrapnel. Also the cast oil sump shows the same.  So I believe I have the original engine in the car and plan on using it.