Recap Elden FF Chassis #’s

Since I use allot of numbers, etc describing the Elden FF’s in my shop, so  I  created an index:

#1  1974 Elden MK10C (re bodied to Falconer) AM 74 5; currently racing, came from South CarolinaRMVR Pueblo Motorsports Park

#2  1973 Elden MK8 AM 73-39 currently running Solo events, came from South CarolinaMK8 at farmington Oct15

#3  1973 Elden MK10B  AM 73-79 waiting for restoration, came from Tulsa OklahomaJay Davis Picture #1

#4  1973 Elden MK10B  AM 73-74, waiting for restoration, came from Cleveland Ohioattachment

First Impression of Elden #4

After getting back from a bit of time away, had to see what arrived from Greg N in Cleveland, OH.  To me Elden #4 is chassis #AM 73-74 a and is a MK10B, front radiators by the front wheels.

The car had been is garage storage for many years.  When J.T. Newland passed on Greg N got the car.  Newland raced the car maybe thru 79 or so and then bought a Hawke.  Seat belts date to 81 so that concurs with Greg’s recollection.  Unfortunately the paperwork of the car was lost in the inheritance.

Quick overview of the car revealed a couple of interesting things: 1) non-removable steering wheel, 2) fuel tank appears to be foam filled Aluminum tank not fuel cell, 3) all the hose clamps are of British manufacture, most of the heim joints appear original, 4) Scholar engine was original.

This makes me wonder if car is a one owner, low use car?  The fiberglass nose is not original but we all know noses are the first thing to get damaged in most Formula cars.

So the plan right now is to pull the engine and open it up to see what it is.  Put Elden #3 (AM73-74, MK10B) along side this one and see what differences need attending to.  Looking at my body spares I may have some usable side and cockpit panels.  Missing maybe engine cover and proper nose cones.

Arrival of Elden FF #4

Last night we received the fourth Elden FF from Greg N in the Cleveland OH area. The car was run several years and put away in favor of a Hawke. The previous owner passed and Greg N ended up with the car.

Greg N and I are anxious to see this car back on the track in conjunction with my 1973 Elden gotten in Tulsa a few years ago. That car had a very nice chassis restoration but no body. I have a top body mold and some side fairings alnong with this new car to pull some molds, maybe can save both cars.

Anxious to evaluate the car and make list on lists of options for the two cars.

Picture to follow when we start the evaluation.


72 Elden MK8 First Competition Outing

MK8 at farmington Oct15Last weekend we took the Elden MK 8 out to a solo event in Farmington, NM. 15 acres of good asphalt a great place for this cars initial competition outing in over 20 years.

Car worked well, lots of power from this engine. In fact had trouble keeping the rear wheels from spinning in the lower 3 gears. Geared low for Solo but, wow. This engine is 0.100 overbore, Omega pistons and a cam. Not FF legal but what came in the car.

Issues: rear brakes, top end breathing of the engine, ride height needs to go up 1/2 all the way around. Was running toe-out on front and rear +1/32″ total, -1 deg camber front and -0.5 rear and 3 deg castor front. Tires were some 3 year old American Racers.

So anyway back to the shop and await the arrival of Elden #4. More on that later.

72 Elden MK8 #24 Ready for it first outing

Elden MK 8 DebutIts been a bit of work. The MK8 was to follow the MK10 therefore got the left over time. For the last month tried to get it ready for a paddock run. This weekend will take her out for paddock lapping for general systems check out. Still needs front shocks, rebuilt ones in process, using an old set of SPAX for now. I need to figure out how to bend a rear sway bar as this car doesn’t have one. But for now she has been washed, and loaded into the trailer. Watch for video next week of the paddock debut

Elden MK10 Falconner Progress

It was a busy off season.  Curtis Farley at Farley Engines built a new motor.  Scat crank and light weight flywheel/clutch etc.  I went thought the Hewland and confirmed all bushings etc where in good shape.

First event was April at Sandia Motorsports in Albuquerque, NM running a Southwest Motorsports ( vintage race.  I was not happy:  1) brakes have always been an issue.  With the new locking axle nuts on the Imp axles to eliminate loosening of the nut during braking.  John Hammill at fabricated the nuts and washers.  But the stopping ability is still poor.  I used old Ferrado DS11 pads as I had some and with the rear disk rotors being unobtanium didn’t want to get real aggressive.  I soloed the the DS11 a long time ago. Well let’s move on.

The rear external disk rotors are Sunbeam Rapier, per Peter Hampsheir.  I have scoured the internet trying to find a backup pair.  Contacted the Sunbeam Rapier UK club and found a pair of used.  I have cleaned them up and bored the bolt circles to match the car and have taken them to Santa Fe Auto Machine to have them faced.

So with a backup rotors I put some old Millitex pads on.  They work a 100% better than the DS11, but…..  Will look for some Hawks or Performance Friction Carbon pads.

One thing became more apparent that without adequate rear brakes the under steer is worse.  Going to add brake bias adjuster to help find that happy a balance.

Second race of the year at SWMS I found the engine running warmer than I wished.  70 deg day overcast and water temp 105deg C and rising.  Backed  off RPMs and the issue subsided.  So decide to have the radiators looked at.  The “mule” engine was an unknown and now the Farley engine is known hp.  That added hp maybe a bit much for 6000 ft and dry air,  so having the radiators checked.

Another issue found at the last race was  very “vague” shifter.  2nd gear was tough to get into and 4th was there maybe.  Found that in my search for removing slop in the shift assembly, I actually introduced some drag into the pivot at the front of the shift handle.   Redid the assembly and the next race much better.

So we are getting there.




Update Elden MK8 progress

We have taken a bit of time to get busy with the MK8, The engine was built a year ago. Engine is not FF legal. Bore is +0.100 over bore with Omega pistons and a unknown cam. This engine is cool so saving it to play with.

So engine is in, transmission rebuilt, needing plumbing etc. Sent the front Armstrong shocks to Archie Hodges to be rebuilt. Using rebuilt non-adjustable Bilstein shocks on the rear.

Got the water plumbing and oil plumbing done. Electrical wiring complete. Oh sh… decide to put the body panels on and found the placement of the water swirl pots interfered. As this car was apart when we picked it up I didn’t know what was different from the MK10 Falconner. So backup and redo the swirl pot.

New battery installed checked out wiring.  Today attempted to start the engine.  Wow that is some real compression and need to have a healthy battery booster.  Try again tomorrow.

Engine runs, sounds good. Beginning checkout of systems.